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Once · I · believed...

once I dreamed.

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Well this is positively amusing/sad. My lj is dead. yep.
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blank blank
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叶子 -- 阿桑
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So I found this today, and looked through it. It amused me so. Therefore, I felt the urge to post it: 

hehe. I just simply had to post that!

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amused amused
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Debate states! First in IE, first in debate, and first overall! Woot! HA. Take that Myers' Park!

Districts' in two weeks. We're going to train EXTRA hard this week for it.

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happy happy
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I've been home sick allllllllllllllllll week. It's deathly boring. I want to go to schoolllll... Now I have to make up soooo much work. *grumbles* You lucky healthy peoples.

edit: it's been about a week since I've been sick. my parents is still refusing that I ride the bus, fearing I'll get sick again. Honestly... that's not necessary.

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sick sick
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Right... doing this as I promised...


best friend(s): ...i don't know... honestly....

funniest: jennyyyyy. she's my entertain-er

silliest: eh... ANYA

loudest:  depends, really.

quietest: dearest andie.

craziest: alex. no doubt about it.

calmest: Micaela.

smartest: ...everyone.


preppiest: Katie.

most hyper: nastia... sometimes... or perhaps sayoko... when she's high... *remembers english*

weirdest: Haina. Yes, you, haina.

most annoying: *cough* censored *cough*

shyest: carol?

And now one for you

» who are you?
» are we friends?
» when and how did we meet?
» how have I affected you?
» what's the best memory you have of me?
» how long do you think we will be friends or enemies?
» have I ever hurt you?
» are we close?
» on a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?
» give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
» how long have you known me?
» describe me in one word.
» what was your first impression?
» do you still think that way about me now?
» what about me makes you happy?
» what reminds you of me?
» what's something you would change about me?
» how well do you know me?
» ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
» do you think i would kill someone?
» are you going to put this on your journal and see what i say about you?????

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guilty procasinating
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烟雨濛濛 -- 情深深雨蒙蒙
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When was the last time I updated this thing...? I seriously don't remember... Andy doesn't update anymore... =D. which meant I didn't either... but I feel guilty not looking at this thing... even though I DID get blackmailed into getting one in the first place... Wow... I really don't have much to say...
Chinese New Year is on Feb. 18 this year... can't wait... hehehe... and it's only december... I went to da ya zhou last week, and found these really pretty earrings at zhou ah yi's store. I should go to her house for a visit and buy them for one dollar each. They're about 10 dollars at her shop. Xiao Yi was there so mama talked with her for quite a while.
It's sad how there's peoples like me who rarely updates this thing and mine is... almost dead... and there's peoples like haina who's account's flooded with new stuff daily... sad.
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gloomy gloomy
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Nothing Ever Changes -- S.H.E.
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I'll write something cause I feel bad for neglecting this place fore so long... 

Well, I'm going to Jack Britt tomorrow for debate... and I need to finish my neg. case and look over the aff case. 

Just finished watching Reaching for the Stars. Or Zhen Ming Tian Nu. w/e It was interesting. But too many love trianglessss! And I got annoyed at Ella at the end since I got tired of hearing her story. She made me cry too much.

Eh... boring life, same old...


...yeah, like either is ever going to read this...

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okay I don't even know my mood
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Zai yi ci yong you. Believe it or not. It's stuck in my head
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So I'm typing this 15 page eassay. Very innocent. When I'm about done, I clicked to save it. I typed in the title I wanted for it, then parpared to click "save." THEN I turned away for about 5 seconds to reach for the requirement paper. And in those 5 seconds, this little boy I'm currently babysitting comes in AND UNPLUGS MY STUPID COMPUTER. So there goes ALL 15 PAGES OF MY REPORT. *sniff sniff* Now I have to re-do it. Grrrr.
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*background of me yelling*
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Going to ENLOE next week!

Any hints on how not to get lost there, hannah?
...at least I thought you went there...
Going to make a fool out of myself there, too, probably.
ugh, high school's driving me crazy. 
*needs a break*
Tests on everyday of next week.
What fun, all quarter exams, too.

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busy busy
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Yue Gu Nu Shen -- SHE
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I went to the State fair with Connie and Mary today. 
It was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I bought lots of candy for babysitting, and ate lots of junkfood. haha, I'm soo full.
Oh, and we all got this sliver ring w/ out names curved on it. Tis very pretty...

Um, I decided to back out of the tournment for Bob Jones....

yeah, that's pretty much it.

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bouncy bouncy
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Liang Zhu
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